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Celestia’s TIA Surges

To Infinity and Beyond? Modular data availability layer Celestia put in huge gains – its native token has more than doubled on the week! Traders are seeking out a narrative, and Celestia’s pump is cycling in attention to their vision for crypto.

One Year After FTX: Did We Learn Anything?

One year ago today, the cryptocurrency ecosystem was shocked to the core by the sudden collapse of FTX, a venture darling led by a founder who was playing everyone like a fiddle. Today, as we reflect back on how far crypto has come and still has to go, there’s some solace in the fresh conviction […]

Are ETH and BTC All You Need?

But, for anyone who wants exposure to the sector, there are a lot of significant investing pitfalls out there to avoid. In today’s newsletter, analyst 563 gives his take to casual bear market investors – stick to the majors: ETH and BTC.

Unpacking ETH’s Wall Street Debut

Yesterday, several Ethereum Futures ETFs made their public market debut. It was a big day for crypto, and yet things didn’t go entirely as expected.

How Much Trouble is Binance in?

From Mt. Gox to FTX, crypto’s history books are littered with centralized crypto exchanges that exploded suddenly and left users in a lurch. These events have served as all-too-frequent reminders of the dangers of trusting centralized exchanges and not embracing self-custody. As we come up on the 1-year anniversary of the FTX implosion, more and […]

Solana’s Past, Present and Future

Solana is in an interesting spot. The community has taken a beating this bear, but they’ve kept the fight going. What does the future hold?

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