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5 Best Hardware Wallets for 2024: Top Crypto Wallets Reviewed!

Hardware wallets have always been the best way to secure your crypto, something that became even more evident after the disastrous events of 2022 that saw customers lose access to billions of dollars after the FTX, Celsius, BlockFi and Vault fiascos. 

YoBit Review 2024: Scam Exchange? Pros, Cons & Features

The Coin Bureau prides itself on bringing you the best and the brightest in the glittering crypto universe. From reviews to guides to in-depth analyses, you’ve probably used The Coin Bureau’s successful YouTube channel and website to uncover the hidden gems of the crypto world. But hold on to your crypto wallets folks for we’re about to […]

Crypto Gaming: Will It Ever Reach Mainstream Adoption?

My gaming journey began with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Those early days, spent mastering games like Bomberman, navigating the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario, and taking aim in Duck Hunt (and listening to the annoying laughter of that dog), were more than just moments of entertainment — they were the foundation of what would become […]

Is Monero Anonymous? How Untraceable is XMR?

In blockchain design, anonymity and pseudonymity are analogous principles. The Bitcoin network is a pseudonymous blockchain, meaning the transactions are recorded in an open ledger that anyone can view, but personal information about the sender and receiver is not readily transparent. 

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